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   (courtesy of International Law Society & AmyPorges)

The case study approach, like that used in Harvard's Executive Training programs, is effective in teaching the operational aspects of Commercial Diplomacy.  To date, very few trade studies have been written, and even fewer have been developed from the point of view of someone responsible for managing the trade negotiation process.  

Trade case studies are built around historically important or particularly interesting trade problems and demonstrate how they were addressed through advocacy programs, legislation, negotiations or dispute settlement.  They provide insights into the political and economic strategies that were employed by industry advocates, politicians and government officials.  Furthermore, they give both students and professionals a way to learn from past successes and mistakes. Case studies afford the critical opportunity to ask of past trade negotiations what went well, what didn't, and what could be improved?  Such an analysis is rarely, if ever, conducted.  Distribution of these studies to current practitioners in the business community and the government enable them to reflect on past negotiation successes and failures and improve their performance in future trade negotiations.

The cases included here were originally developed by students at the Monterey Institute,  working as research assistant with the Center for Trade and Commercial Diplomacy. Future case studies, which will be developed by both ITCD research staff and outside contractors, will cover a wide range of issues, countries, industries, types of negotiations, method of dispute settlement and approach to public advocacy. ITCD welcomes contributions of case studies to this series, as well as suggestions for the development of new cases.



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